WK 1: Media Overload

Media is everywhere. There is no escape from media, no matter how hard you try. And not only is it frequent, but it is very, very frequent. For example, from the time I got to school at 7:30 in the morning to now, at 10:31, I have seen:

  • Multiple posters for the school choir.
  • Several ads in the school newspaper, The Clypian.
  • At least three t-shirts rooting for a specific sports team.
  • Plenty of ads on Google (I wonder why…)
  • Announcements for upcoming events (If you didn’t know, it was during the announcements).
  • A poster for a video contest.
  • An ad on a Youtube TED Talk (How dare they!)
  • And, surprisingly, an ad on WordPress.Com that I will copy and paste in five seconds in a quote.

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