WK 2: Journalism Critiques-What Were They Thinking?!

This being my first time writing a critique on any subject within the media, I intend to work my hardest and have some fun while I am at it. My philosophy is that one can have some fun doing work if he puts his own personal touch to it. So, let’s have fun.


Interception was Wilson’s fault, not Carroll’s.

I was watching the Super Bowl XLIX at my small home on Munker’s St, and, to be honest, I had been rooting for the Patriots the entire time. Nevertheless, this critique is not about my personal opinion, but about the article at hand.

As a quick update, a play made by Russell Wilson resulted in Seattle losing the Super Bowl to New England. Pete Carroll is the coach of the Seahawks, and claimed responsibility for that bad play, however true that may be. Okay, you are briefed with enough information to understand what I am talking about. Now let’s get to my feedback on the article itself.

The topic of this article, as the title explains, is the discussion over who is to blame for the loss of the Super Bowl (Other than the Patriots, who, obviously, won). The specific purpose, to narrow things down, is to point out that Seattle’s Russell Wilson seemed to have escaped a good chunk of the blame in regards to the loss of the Super Bowl.  He didn’t bother to question a play that any sensible player would have automatically recognized as a suicide run. What were they thinking?! Though the author wrote this article in football language only known to those who have actually played football, or who watch it regularly, this article was well written because it made a point and did not stray from that point, which I believe is one of the main focuses when writing any article.

Along with pointing fingers at Wilson, the article also brings up the point of Pete’s failure (Duh!) and questions his skill as a coach (This is not actually stated, but by analyzing the article, that is what seems to be implied. I think I will discuss this again in a future article, so be prepared). As said in my parenthesis, this is a topic for future discussion.

My personal reaction is that the author of this article really made sense. Maybe it is because I watched the entire game, but maybe it is the technical language that he used (I really like technicality).

If there were any errors or mistakes, I didn’t notice. However, I am a little bit surprised that the article made no mention of the fight near the end of the game.

This article can be found online at http://ftw.usatoday.com/2015/02/russell-wilson-interception-play-call-pete-caroll-darrell-bevell-super-bowl-xlix-malcolm-butler.


Super Bowl audience focuses on Katy Perry’s lion, created in Scappoose.

Yeah, back to the Super Bowl.

I really wanted to see Katy Perry’s halftime show, and was very disappointed when a conflict of schedule prevented me from doing so. No worries, because I will just watch it online (Yay, internet!).

The topic of this particular article is an enormous metal lion created by an artist from Scappoose. (I love saying that name!). My own interpretation of the purpose is very simple: finally Oregon is involved in something interesting (That doesn’t involve the Ducks). Oregon has been very obscure when it comes to major news, because everything interesting is always happening on the East Coast (Everyone knows this, of course).  The article was well-written, giving us our awe-inspiring format (Tell ’em what you’re gonna tell ’em; tell ’em; tell ’em what you told ’em), which could be clearly seen without even having to really think about.

A personal reaction, in contrast to my personal interpretation, is that Katy Perry has one of the most creative minds out of all the performers I have seen in this generation. This conclusion is gained from this halftime show and plenty of other performances I have seen online. I will continue to enjoy her performances until she loses that creative spark, at which point I will pretend that she never existed.

One major disappointment I would like to point out was its abrupt ending. There is a quote regarding the Olympics, which has nothing to do with the article, and then everything stops there. What were they thinking?!

You can find this article on the Oregonian’s website by simply copying this URL: http://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/index.ssf/2015/02/super_bowl_audience_focuses_on.html#incart_m-rpt-2.


Cops and Courts.

Let’s take a break from the Super Bowl stories and move to something more interesting than football. I am a big fan of crime shows, but crime in real life is not that pretty. Why? -Dramatic Pause- Because people in real life aren’t as pretty as actors.

This article is actually a long list of various court cases within the past week. I am going to focus on the very first case, which took place in Canyon City. Actually, I think I am going to paste it on this blog right…now.

“Tylor John Gifford, 20, pleaded guilty to several counts. The sentences: For fraudulent use of a credit card – 10 days jail, supervised probation for 24 months and 80 hours community service, $200 fine; for first-degree theft, five days jail, bench probation for 18 months, $450 fine, $750 in restitution; for first-degree forgery, 10 days jail, supervised probation for 24 months, 80 hours community service, $200 fine. The sentences are concurrent with all previously imposed ones. For third-degree criminal mischief, he was sentenced to supervised probation for 24 months, 20 hours community service, $100 fine, and $300 in restitution. The court dismissed one count for harassment. For fourth-degree assault, he was sentenced to 10 days jail, supervised probation for 24 months and 40 hours community service, and fined $100. The sentence is to be consecutive to all previously imposed ones. The court dismissed counts for strangulation and menacing. On all convictions he was ordered to have no contact with victims.”

What were they thinking?!

Oh my, that was a lot to swallow. And this all happened on ONE DAY! Man, this guy is either a menace to society or just plain unlucky, whichever one suits your fancy. I am amazed at that. Wow.

I believe that the purpose of posting this particular article was to warn the public of a dangerous threat to their security. If I lived in Canyon City, I would like to know if there is someone on the streets like the person just described.

Because this was a list of events and not in story format, I find it hard for me to judge whether or not the article was written well or not. I am trusting that the information is accurate, and I believe that I could not see any errors, but I still feel hesitant about this. It feels, well, odd.

I feel sorry for you, Tylor John Gifford. You got yourself into a lot of trouble, and I hope things work out. Just stop being, oh, I don’t know-a criminal? Yeah, stop being a criminal. Hey, I like repeating that. Stop being a criminal, Tylor.

Find this story on the Blue Mountain Eagle’s website, the URL being http://www.bluemountaineagle.com/Local_News/20150127/cops-courts.


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