My Second Shot At Media Critiques- BANG!

Having gained a little bit of experience analyzing media content, I am a little bit more confident when I do it this time. The Super Bowl is gone and done with, and so I’ll be talking about some more important (And Boring!) issues, from streetlight fees to something that I can’t even really remember.

Salem Council to schedule hearing on streetlight fee.

First of all, I would like to say that when I hear the word “streetlight”, I yawn. Then I am reminded of the Journey song, “Don’t Stop Believin'”, at which point I smile and stop yawning.

The main topic of this article is the debate over whether or not the city of Salem should put a tax on streetlights. I don’t now how that tax would be regulated, but that is not the point. Salem needs more money to fund street maintenance, and a good portion of people are thinking that this is the way to go.

As for the article itself, I think that it was well-written, but at the same time, I think it sucks.

Let me clarify. The technical language is really accurate. They cite their sources, don’t use slang, and provide reasonable arguments. But the article is totally biased. Having read that article, I found no mention of the opposition to the streetlight tax, only support. Any good article has got to show the opposition as well as the, well, non-opposition (I have no clue what the correct term is, so bear with me). On a personal level, this upsets me.

I think that I would like to see the next article so that I can learn about how this works out. I think that there isn’t  going to be a streetlight tax, but that is just my opinion. Believe what you want, and don’t stop believin’.

The link for this article is:


Fifth Graders Play Game of Life.

I love life. I love the cereal. I love the game. Heck, I love my own life, that life being the history of my interactions with the world. The world is messed up beyond belief, but that is okay. If you know how to focus on the positive, then why focus on the negative?

The type of life we will be focusing on is the board game, but a different version of this game. This is an enlarged version of the game, taking place in a gym in Springfield, Oregon. (I remember another event that happened in Springfield about a decade ago, but let’s focus on the matter at hand here. God bless them).

This is my first critique of a video, and so I can only do my best and hope that I don’t mess up. The topic of this video is how a group of fifth graders got to play an enormous version of the game Life, where they were the pieces. They would move across the gym to different spaces, learning about career choices in life. I believe that this purpose of both the event and the video is to show the youth of this generations how career choices are among the most important choices you can make in the world. There is the spiritual choices, but we will put that aside for now.

I personally think that this was a brilliant idea. There are so many kids who don’t really care about education and career choices, so to teach a lesson in a clear but fun way is not only clever, but necessary to reach those youth. And the video itself clearly stated its purpose, though not in direct words, and gave unbiased information.

I like to think that one of those kids could be the President one day, or something else of importance. It can always happen, if only we look for them.

Find this video at:


After Harper Lee Novel Surfaces, Plots Arise.

I personally am impressed with Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. It has become an American classic describing the experiences of Scout and the man known as Atticus M. Finch, and is a truly heartwarming tale. I have never read the book, but that is what the reviews say about it ;)>

It has just been announced that Harper Lee has released a sequel to that above novel, titled Go Set a Watchman. I have never read this book either, but I have an excuse for that. It hasn’t been released into the public yet, and won’t be until later this year. But the fact that it isn’t even released didn’t stop it from being the NO 1 bestseller on Amazon-WHAT?!!!

Anyway, I liked the New York Times article about it. The topic was centered around the controversy in regards to the novel’s release, and its purpose is to spark a debate about whether Lee was/wasn’t tricked into publishing. I personally think that she made the decision herself, but who the heck cares about my opinion? I’m only the author of this critique, not like that matters. There was no bias in the article itself, and I expect that more articles like this will pop up, simply because any issue of controversy will continue for a long time (Or at least until the next presidential election, at which point a new controversy will begin. You will not succeed, Hillary Clinton!). Ignoring what I just wrote in the parenthesis, I really enjoyed this article, and would actual recommend that anyone with any interest in this (Dr. Berry) read this article.


Bye Bye!


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