WK 3- Exercise 1-A: Passive or Aggressive? No, Passive or Active!

In the universe of journalism, there are two basic types of journalism writing styles. There is active writing, and passive writing. There is little difference between the two, in that they both portray the same message. It is all on how the sentence is worded. It would be preferable that you write actively, not passively. Active good, passive bad. Active usually has less words than passive, and is closer to the main point.

So, what the heck is the difference? What makes active different from passive? Well, I’ll help you out. I will give you a passive sentence, and then rewrite into active.  Here we go.

Passive: “Many questions are being asked by students about the new athletic code.”

Active: “The students are asking questions about the new athletic code.”

Do you get the idea? Fewer words, more simpler, and quicker to the point. Let’s try a few more.

Passive: “Practice Quiz Bowl sessions are being offered to prospective members by Mr. Dale Swiggart, team adviser.”

Active: “Mr. Dale Swiggart, the team adviser, is offering practice Quiz Bowl sessions to prospective members.”

Passive: “The Blazers’ first football game of the season was played on a day when a record high was reached by the temperature.”

Active: “The temperature reached a record high during the Blazers’ first football game of the season.”

Passive: “Twelve students-five males and seven females-will be offered parts in ‘Too Late or Too Little,’ this spring’s Dramatic Club play.”

Active: “This spring’s Dramatic Club play, ‘Too Late or Too Little’, will offer parts to twelve students-five males and two females.”

Passive: “Such extracurricular activities as athletic and music will be eliminated or cut by the Byrnehurst Board of Education if the upcoming school levy is not passed by voters.”

Active: “The Byrnehurst Board of Education will eliminate or cut such extracurricular activities as athletics and music if the upcoming school levy is not passed by voters.”


Cha-ching: done.

Wait a second… OMG, I have to edit this article? Oh, this is going to be agony for me. Just give me a second to come to grips with this.

Okay, my second is over; I have come to grips with this.

Passive: “The complaints that have been made by many students about the school cafeteria food are being taken into serious consideration while the new menu is being planned by a committee, headed by cafeteria manager Mrs. Harriet Garvey.”

Active: “Mrs. Harriet Garvey is heading a committee to plan a new menu, which is taking the student’s complaints about the school cafeteria food into serious consideration.”

Passive: “Simulated air raid drills were held in Mr. Dale Dart’s American history classes to show how students were made to take part in air raid drills during the Cold War with Russia so they would be prepared if enemy attacks were made on the U.S. mainland.”

Active: “Mr. Dale Dart held simulated air raid drills in American history class to show how schools made students take part in air raid drills during the Cold War with Russia to prepare them for enemy attacks on the U.S. mainland.”

Passive: “‘Socializing between classes must be targeted before efforts to control tardiness to class can be successful,’ states Mrs. Pamela Early, dean of students.”

Active: “‘Efforts to control tardiness must target socializing between classes in order to succeed,’ Mrs. Pamela Early, the dean of student, states.”

Passive: “Elimination of senior courtyard privileges is being discussed by the administration because accusations that the rights


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