Wk 5: Keizer Times (Not Kaiser Permanente) Critique.

Link: http://keizertimes.com/

Okay, here is my issue right now. I just wrote an entire post about this flippin’ Keizer Times website, and it glitched, so now I have to do all of this over again. Simply put, I am going to put a list of my top three like and dislikes, and then a rating between 1 and 5.

1. Family-oriented.

2. Local.

3. Great Organizational System.

1 (Again). Too much education, not enough of other things.

2 (Again). Too many ads.

3 (Again). Who the Heck puts obituaries next to education?!


Rating between 1 and 5, 5 being the best, I enter a 3.14159265359.

Also, tell me what this number means first and I will put you on my Hall of Fame.


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