Wk 6: Free and Open Press (And How I Can Make An Interesting Post About It).

Considering the many countries around the world, America had a privilege that we take for granted. I am not going to preach, because I often take it for granted, and I don’t want the media to label me a hypocrite (This problem could be easily solved if we censored all media regarding my own faults, but that would eliminate the entire purpose of this post).

It is important that we have free and open press so that the American public can make informed decisions, no matter what the area of life, be it politics or education. If the public is not informed, or is informed with inaccurate information, it becomes unable to make positive and healthy choices.

If we didn’t have a free press, then the American public becomes ignorant of issues in society, or the people who run it. Political officials, aware that they could do as they please without being held accountable, will do just that-as they please. Everything will go downhill fast. In essence, the entire foundation for this republic is the free and open press. Changing this is not a good thing, not at all.

Social media would definitely be affected. Because so many people depend on social media for their information, to have that type of media controlled would mean that millions of people would be brainwashed into believing that bad things are good, and good things are bad.

A huge example of how media affects us in everyday life is the Kennedy-Nixon debate. Had that debate been simply written down and shown later to the public, we may have never had a president named Kennedy.


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