Wk 7: Freedom of the Press by an Anonymous Blogger Who You Can Find On This Blog Site

The ability to print, publish, or post, via electronic or non-electronic methods, private or public, without infringement, restriction, or repercussions of any sort, regardless of damage caused.

 The president is often at war with the freedom of the press to control his country.

This is the Urban Dictionary definition of Freedom of the Press. Now that we know this little piece of information, let’s focus on the larger, overall meaning.

We as human beings need Freedom of the Press in order to function as a society because Freedom of the Press allows us to gain information that isn’t controlled or regulated. If someone is regulating your news, then naturally you will only get the news that the source wants you to get, and then only in his/her (I’m thinking Hillary Clinton for some odd reason) point of view. We need something objective.

Many people don’t like arguing. But in essence, arguing is essential for the well-being of our decision-making process. We need to be given at least two, preferably more, sides to argument, and then use our own reasoning skills to either agree or disagree with said argument. Arguing is what gets our brains thinking, and limiting Freedom of the Press means not being able to argue, and, therefore, not being able to think.


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