Wk 7: CNN (Criticizing-News-Networks) Critique.

Today I am given the honor and privilege of criticizing the most popular liberal news station in America-CNN.

Oh…Sorry, I just got some information that says I am critiquing it, not criticizing it. Oh well, I guess I will have to go with the flow and work from there.

I was going to do a critique on the outrage regarding Ferguson (The outrage made by CNN, not the people there), but apparently there are some issues that prevent me from doing so, so I am going to focus on some other (boring) issues, hoping that I can keep your interest and attention for a few more minutes. If I am half the blogger I think I am, I should be successful at above said task.


First of all, the website itself is very poorly done. There were at least a hundred stories on the front page, causing an almost immediate overload of information for the reader. It is my belief that a news website should have the most important stuff on the front page, and then have everything else on other pages, instead of jamming it all in one place. I wouldn’t even know where to start on this website.

They teach you that two things you should never bring up in a casual conversation is religion and politics. Since I have already touched politics several times, my focus now will be an article focusing on religion, just to give you, the reader, the full package.

Did Jesus really have a brother?

My personal belief system says yes, He did. If you read into the Mark, you will find in Chapter 3, Verse 31, that “Then Jesus’s mother and brothers arrived. Standing outside, they sent someone in to call him.” When it says “brothers”, I am assuming that it meant “brothers.” Sounds like a logical conclusion.

As for the article itself, I think it was fairly written. It presented almost all sides of the theological debate about Mary’s children after Jesus, and then ends with a summary that brings those arguments to a common conclusion, that whether James the brother of Jesus was brother, stepbrother, or cousin, he could have easily been applied to the bones discovered in that small cave that started the article in the first place. Compared to CNN’s front page, this article was absolutely astounding to read, and I would recommend that CNN write all their articles in this way.


I’m sorry, what is this?

I have no idea what KGW stands for. All I know is that their organizational skills are much better than that of CNN. They have the same amount of information on their front page, but instead of a whole bunch of words, they have a whole bunch of pictures, and, as the old saying goes, “A picture says a thousand words.” By opening their front page, I know automatically which articles I want to read, and which ones I don’t, and that should be one of the main focuses of a front page for any news site.

Who likes cake?

Sweet Cakes owners attend hearing on fine over wedding cake.

Since my computer is experiencing some technical difficulties, I am simply going to post the URL and you can see the video for yourself.

Link: http://www.kgw.com/media/cinematic/video/24715367/sweet-cakes-owners-attend-hearing-on-fine-over-wedding-cake/


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