Wk 8: Here’s Something Hilarious: “How the I-Phone Could Save the Newspaper!”

I find this almost comical, to be completely honest. You can find the link at I-Phone Link For This Blog. It is technology like the I-Phone that is destroying the newspaper industry, not saving it. Who wants to hold an enormous piece of paper when they can click a button and automatically get the same information on a small, compact screen? Unless you are Ferris Bueler, everything is better when it is more simple, and the I-Phone is no exception.

The idea that comes first and foremost is this: the concept of people spending money on the internet for newspaper is ridiculous, and unrealistic. The reason it doesn’t seem likely is because why would someone pay for something on their I-Phone when they can Google it for free? I mean, really? I think that the I-Phone and other digital technologies will eventually make newspapers obsolete in American society, personally. I would give newspapers another decade, and then I expect them to be gone.


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