Wk 9: Hackers Go To Heaven? Hell? Or Are Hackers Atheists?

Would you like to read something so comical that it almost sounds fake, and yet is completely real? Go to Hack Heaven. This is crazy, and I beg you to read this. In fact, I am so impressed by this that the kid in this story is going into the Hall of Fame this week.

The following paragraphs won’t make any sense unless you read the article, so I would read it before continuing.

The main verification question I would ask is whether this kid walked away with no legal issues whatsoever. If he could do that successfully, then this story would be astounding. Often during these types of stories they leave out legal details, and that’s often what makes them appear unrealistic.

The facts I would want to clarify are mainly the facts about statistics. Lots of organizations show statistics to persuade people, and I would like to know that the statistics are accurate before I would completely believe this story.

There is no difference between academic and journalistic plagiarism. Plagiarism is the illegal use of others’ works, no matter what the purpose. It is illegal, immoral, and just plain wrong.


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