Wk 9: The Next Chapter Of The Shattered Glass Saga!

I have been enjoying the Shattered Glass project, and am hyped up to continue. If you haven’t read my first article on the subject, then go to it, because it is a nice one, in my personal, awesome, angelic, non-egotistical opinion.

Okay, let’s get ready for a fun example of role play. I am going to show some stories, and let you, the reader, try to see if there is any facts that might need to be checked. Then, I will give some answers, and we will move on to the next story. The cycle will be repeated until we run out of stories.

One Chicago-area school for Santas featured a 144-page textbook that provided instruction on everything from going to the bathroom in a Santa suit to rules on how to touch children.

Odd…Why on Earth would Santa Claus need to go to school in the first place? And why is Santa pluralized? Could it be that Santa is not real, but a figment of our imagination, and people are hired to pretend to be this fictional character for the publicity of the hirer? No, this is not possible.

Okay, my first fact-check would be to see if there really is a school for Santa in Chicago. Then, is there a textbook for this school? Does this textbook actually have the described content? Oh my Gawd, this sounds like the end to some cheap drama!

Western Union now has a “Stop the Cassini” hotline, 1-888-no-cassini, which forwards anti-Cassini telegrams to the White House for $10 a pop…and Las Vegas is even taking bets on whether the satellite will malfunction. The approximate odds before lift-off: 1 in 70.

Who the {expletive} is Cassini? You know, if you can tell me who Cassini is, I will put your name on the Hall of Fame for such useless trivia.

Who is Western Union? Is there really a hotline? If there is, do these telegrams actually go to the White House, and for the above cost? Is Las Vegas real? And if Las Vegas is a real place, are they making the above bets at the above odds? Can I stop saying “above,” please?

Take Joel Carni, whose family business, Four Aces, is one of the nation’s largest political novelty manufacturers. This summer, stores will be hit with Carni’s newest product, the Monicondom.

Okay, why do you keep giving me names of people I don’t know?! Really?!

First, identify who Joel is, and then confirm his business. Check to make sure the influence of this business is as described, and that the stores are really producing this oddly-named contraceptive.


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