Wk 11: Story Ideas Or Something Of A Similar Sort.

I fully believe in the joy of stories. I have had a lot of fun writing stories, everything from the politically undertone to the absolute hilarious (In my opinion-I don’t know about anyone else).

 In fact, I believe in stories so much that I am going to drive you all crazy by turning this entire post into one enormous link for you to read.

 I think that the coolest idea when it comes to making a story is to find something that sounds so hilarious that it seems unrealistic, as in the Hack Heaven article. I don’t want to be shattered. I just want to make people laugh.

So, I want to do a story on the effects of former governor John Kitzhaber’s resignation on the state of Oregon. I am not a super big political right extremist who wants to eliminate the Democrats. I just wanted to say that Kitzhaber had it coming, and probably should have quit before he was caught. (For those kids out there, stealing is not good whether you are caught or not. The Urban Dictionary defines integrity as “Doing the right thing even when nobody’s looking.” That makes sense.)


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