Wk 11: Another Day, Another Critique.

Hi, readers. I just want to thank all of you for looking at my blog. Recently I have gotten some views from the UK, Thailand, India, and Pakistan, which makes me feel appreciatiated. (By the way, I misspelled that on purpose, for no reason whatsoever). And now you can read my next critique on some obscure American news article. In fact, I’ll give you three: It’s Raining, it’s Snoring; It’s A Small World; and Little Doctors.

It’s Raining, it’s Snoring.

Wow. What a headline that is. I wouldn’t stab my worst enemy when he is snoring, and this lady did it to a stranger. (Okay, I might stab him just a little bit). The story is quite peculiar, and, to be honest, very entertaining. I enjoyed that story.

However, I feel that the article itself was crap. There wasn’t enough information, and the information they did give wasn’t evenly distributed, and issue that many articles these days are suffering from. However, I would give full credit for the concise factor. They didn’t spend four paragraphs telling you one thing, like many other articles still have the habit of doing. (Technically, articles don’t have habits, only people).

It’s A Small World.

It’s a small world after all, especially in the magical place known to the world as Disneyland, where we face the menacing attack of the maliciously menacing and maniacally miniature measles. Yes, an outbreak of measles infected a couple hundred people in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, and all of it was traced back to Disneyland. And I thought Mickey Mouse promised  not to bite people anymore. Then again, what can you say about such an animal?

The article was well-written, giving the important information in a language understandable by the human race-which means that I am out of this conversation-and stayed relatively on topic. It was interesting to read, and I am glad I did. Now I know to go to Disney world instead of Disneyland. Then again, Mickey will be there too. How does Mickey Mouse manage to be in California and Florida at the same time?

Little Doctors.

Like Little Rascals, except that they are a benefit to society at large.

The article has a lot of sentimentality to it, which made it interesting to read. It is well written, and discusses everything that the reader needs to know about the situation. I particularly like the lede it used, because it immediately caught my attention as one of those “awwww” stories. They did a very good job, and I think that you should look it up.


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