South Salem High School Produces Almost, Maine.

South Salem High School’s Drama Department is again producing Almost, Maine. A very popular romantic comedy, Almost, Maine observes nineteen characters in a quiet town.

The final exam for South Salem’s Advanced Theatre class, Almost, Maine has been performed by Saxon Drama for multiple years. The students of Ms. Julianna Gibbon’s Advanced Theatre class will manage the acting, blocking, set design, etc. Students who will be acting include Nick Nikas, Araya Glancy, Zach Sterns, Aric Wood, Brandon Gitchel, and Samantha Mock.

Julianna Gibbons, affectionately known as “Gibby” by the students of her class, explained to her students that the play uses common sayings about love and physically manifests them. One example, in the scene “They Fell,” starring Sterns and Gitchel, the term “falling in love” is used literally, the two characters Randy and Chad actually tripping, unable to stand. In another scene titled “Her Heart,” Gloria, played by Glancy, presents to a local her broken heart, literally a shattered heart of a slate-like material.

“All of the scenes,” Cariani says in his notes, “Are happening at the same time-as the clock strikes nine…” Thus characters from separate scenes don’t interact with each other. Also, these independent scenes each end with a stage reproduction of the northern lights.

Almost, Maine will be performing on June 2nd and 3rd, at South Salem High School’s Rose Auditorium. Scheduling questions can be answered by emailing


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