Wk 13: I Likes That Critiques TODAY!!!

Okay, time for my next set of critiques, for those who have been waiting for such a long time. Not many people view my blog, but I type as though this fact is untrue.

Watergate AGAIN?

Luckily, this article has nothing to do with Richard M. Nixon. Instead, I am simply noting an article talking about how the Watergate garage collapsed. No deaths, just one minor injury. Anyway, it was indeed a fascinating article, so you should read about it.

The article was well-written. There was no confusion about what was being communicated. Its purpose was to inform (duh) and to spark concern. It was a very short article, which I found detrimental, not beneficial. There isn’t enough information. Personally, I thought that the article was overrated. I’m a loyal Republicrat (or Democan) and therefore try to be non-denominational (what an oxymoron that is).

Presidential Peculiarities of a Particular Phase.

From the New York Times is an article about politics-to be more specific, an article relating to Senators running in the 2016 election.


Apple Watch.

Apparently Apple heart monitors are unable to work on people who have tattoos.

The article is written for a particular audience, mainly doctors and those knowledgeable in medical terms. Its design was to inform. It was attempted to communicate in as simple language as possible. I liked it, and hope to see the author’s other articles in the future.


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