Wk 15: BIAB (Broadcast In A BOX)-BRIDGE JUMPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A while ago a man decided he wanted to jump off a bridge. A police officer tried to negotiate, and succeeded. And the media recorded the entire thing. This raises some ethical questions I feel are important to answer. For those who disagree, I respect your opinion-maybe…

Why did they report on this story? Well, any time there is the risk of life, people are interested. People are attracted to things that aren’t good for them, such as drugs, alcohol, and violent behaviors. I think that for the media outlet, there were definitely more viewers.

Are there any ethical concerns about the story/footage? Yes. If that man decided to jump, hundreds of people would have seen the bloody results. That kind of memory can do some trauma to people. Furthermore, think about the family of the guy. Sure, he was disowned by his family, but this event would have at least done damage to their reputation.

What privacy does this person have? Despite my answer to the question directly above, I would say that a person’s privacy is nothing when their life is endangered. Well being comes before privacy. When he stepped up to that ledge, he suspended his rights to privacy.


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