Wk 16: Student Competition.

Date: 5-20-15.


“Going Back to the Future for ‘Tommorowland’ from Disney.”

The article “Going Back to the Future for ‘Tommorowland’ from Disney,” made me really think about the future. I think that the article was very well-written, and made some very clear points.

I can relate to the feelings that the future doesn’t appear so hopeful. I think that as time progresses, people’s outlook on the future changes, but not so much as in this case. You raised an interesting point: what happened to our optimism?

I feel that the optimism in Tomorrowland is a very good thing, and absolutely necessary in today’s society. When we have optimism for the future, we are encouraged to work harder. If we look at the future with pessimism, we may still work hard, but the stress involved will take all the joy out of the work, and as a result, life.

This is why we need another boom of hope, like in 1950, we all need another Tomorrowland.


Austin Copeland
Salem, OR
16 years old
South Salem High School


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