Wk 17: This May Be My Last Critique of the Year! (Maybe).

This critique will be a little bit more personal than some of the others, but then again, all of my critiques are, to a certain extent.

Charges will not be filed against South Salem teacher.

Although I haven’t revealed my true identity-and never will-I will say that I do have connections with Samuel Dufner, and so reading this was actually very difficult. But it makes sense. The article was explained very clearly, and that is what was important. There wasn’t a sense of bias like many articles I have seen before. Actually, I think that the writer himself (or herself) seemed to be affected by this, just by looking at the language used. And I personally felt like this article was written in a way that holds Dufner accountable without shaming him unnecessarily.

Salem man found dead under bridge identified.

This man was a good man, I would like to make that clear. I still don’t feel like it was a suicide, but that’s what the police are saying, so until hard evidence proves otherwise, I am forced to look at the police’s opinion.

I feel like the article made its point very clearly, which is the main job of any article, but especially one like this,  where there is a family grieving at home. I would like to extend my sincerest condolences to them for their loss. The article was touching, and its purpose was obvious, which was good.


Woodburn man sentenced to life in prison for murder.

This is a shame. Murder is such a cruel thing, senseless, godless, evil. Love is what makes life worth living, and one cannot kill and love at the same time-it makes no sense.

The article itself was very quick and to the point. It gave a good lead, and then only the necessary information to support it. The author didn’t try to justify the killer, nor did they attempt to make the victim a martyr. This article was pure fact, and in this case it should be, for anything else would compromise the article.


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