Info-mation Fo Yo Regarding Journalism.

These are all my pieces of information in regards to journalism, and so I hope that you learn something.

If you would like to know how media overload can or cannot be an issue, see Overload and Examples.

For something completely random, go to Something Completely Random.

To go to my own original glossary that I copied from my teacher, see Not Plagiarism. 

If you would like to feel safe in your knowledge of news stories, click on Security.

Who wants to play Jeopardy? To play, guess which link leads to the page. First, Second, or Third.

If you are just plain angry at someone, but don’t know how to express it, go to Passive or Aggressive.

Some people don’t like curse words, so this post is especially censored for their sake. H***.

To those who are big fans of the military, I have created a special post for you as a tribute to your noble desire to kill people for America’s political agenda. Left, left, left right left.

I have written a patriotic article about the First Amendment, so check it out at First Amendment.

I have an opening job as an editor for a newspaper at Editors Wanted.

Moralistic people can read all about my newest article in the area of ethics at, oh, I don’t know, Ethics.

The funniest hack story, true or not, is something that you have got to read.

Can you believe that the above story is a fake?

Katy Perry is pregnant? I can’t believe it.


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