The Austin Copeland Hall of Fame.

Every week, I will be adding the name of someone who had made an amazing, funny, or just plain odd personal achievement. At the end of the semester, I will allow a vote to choose one person on the Hall of Fame to become that semester’s Ultimate Hall of Famer.

The Hall of Fame.


Congratulations to Pingback for finding one of the secret links to Something About Fish. You are the first to do so, and I am impressed.


Congrats to WordPress! You have been so helpful in so many of my class assignments, and so I just want to show my appreciation for your amazing website. I hope that many people like your website and continue to form their own blog, because you guys have definitely proven yourself worthy of it.


I have had a lot of time to try and decide who will be the next recipient of the Hall of Fame. I have debated with a team of specialist for several hours, looking through all of the candidates. Actually, I have only spent the past two minutes coming up with my conclusion. I would like to place Santa Claus on my Hall of Fame. It is not Christmas, but over the summer I will be creating a new blog, the Summer Vacation Amazement Park.

From that last date to 4-16-15.

Having been very limited in time over the past few weeks, it has been extremely difficult to keep up with the Hall of Fame, but I am doing my best. I have three lucky Hall of Famers for this week, which means thrice the celebration.

First, there is Walt Disney. Yeah, I know you are dead, but Disney is still making hilarious movies, like Big Hero Six. I enjoyed that movie a lot, and I think you deserve part of the credit.

Second is the Annoying Orange. Why on Earth he is on this list, I don’t know, but maybe it is just me craving citrus fruit.

Finally, our third Hall of Famer is actually not one person, but a whole group: Maroon 5. Their song “Sugar” is still stuck in my head, and if you think about it, it is quite a catchy song, to be honest. Very, very catchy.


I just had the best spring break have had all year. And coming back to read one of the funniest stories ever really made my day. So Ian Ristler,  you are my new Hall of Famer! Congratulations!


Our Hall of Famer this week is an actor who I have enjoyed watching in one of the top four movies to see before you die (The other three are Ferris Bueler’s Day Off, The Princess’ Bride, and What About Bob). I would like to give an applause of appreciation to none other than the best actor in Top Gun, Tom Cruise!!! Another less well-known actor from Top Gun is Clarence Gillyard,  who played as Sun Down, but that will be for another time.


Okay, so our next Hall of Famer is someone who managed to unite all of these interesting blog posts onto pages to organize them properly and make them easier to access. Give a round of applause to ME!!! In case you didn’t like that particular decision, I will instead have our Hall of Famer be a brilliant man who has written the beloved classic Death Therapy. Congratulations to Bob from the famous movie What About Bob?!!!


Okay, I was ill for the past few days, and being ill reminded me of a movie called the Princess’ Bride. To show my utter appreciation, I granting this week’s Hall of Fame title to The Dread Pirate Robert. Actually, your name is Wesley. Or Inigo. I don’t know, but like all heroes, noone can know your true identity.


This Hall of Famer is someone who I was really impressed with when I watched him perform on America’s Got Talent. The man who made the Statue of Liberty disappear, I give you David Copperfield! Congratulations, my magician friend.







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